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Morituus' Videos

     While not exactly "known" for his videos, Morit has made quite a few over the years. Starting with Windows Movie Maker, progressing to Macromedia Flash, and finally Adobe Premiere Elements (although he never actually completed any of his Premiere projects), Morit has consistantly brought the art of EQ fan videos to a new low.
     Having neither the charm of Mirage, nor the professionalism of some of the high end raid guilds, Morit's self-taught trial-and-error style could only be described as amateurish.
     A list of his more coherent projects is provided below.



Video List

"You win for your amusing videos" - Zatozia, giving Morit a pail of her ice cream (pre-rebellion)

Mages Are Awesome Video Completed: August 2018 Size: 21,966 KB

Description: Vorp's main character for many years was a gnome mage named Manxomefoe, so Morit has extensive experience working with the Mage class. This video serves as Morit's way of showing how much he appreciates all of Norrath's mages.

"Believe in Love" Planes of Power Video Completed: July 2018 Size: Varies
The "Full" version contains the main video and also includes a collection of the group screenshots with the corpse after downing a raid mob.
The "Part-1 Only" version is just the main Planes of Power progression video.
"HD" and "Low Res" versions of the videos are identical, aside from the picture quality and file size.
The "Clean" version is "Part-1 Only" without the Snakegod Battlecry.
           Full Version - HD               Size: 110,688 KB
           Part-1 Only - HD               Size: 65,214 KB
           Full Version - Low Res               Size: 44,992 KB
           Part-1 Only - Low Res               Size: 14,044 KB
           Clean - Low Res               Size: 14,044 KB
Description: Morit's oldest son (the one named after EQ Dev "Prathun") wasn't even born when the Planes of Power expansion was released. But EQ was a huge part of Morit's life, so his son grew up hearing stories about Norrath (both official lore and stuff that Morit made up) throughout his childhood. When Morit's son was about 5 years old, Morit created a character for him so that they could play EQ together. He was too young back then so he didn't really know how to play, but Morit took him on a tour of all the old zones from the original game and the early expansions up to Shadows of Luclin. When they reached the Planes of Power, they stopped and Morit promised his son that when he was old enough to actually play the game properly, they would return to Norrath and challenge the gods. In the summer of 2018, Morit realized his son was never going to "git gud" and decided to just take him along anyway.

Using one of the short clips from the old "Snakegod TV" video as an intro, this video documents their journey through the Planes of Power keying and flagging process in it's entirety - from the Tier 1 Plane of Justice trials through Quarm in the Plane of Time. This event also marked the first time any member of Snakegod actually went through proper planar progression, which is something that other guilds had said would never happen.

Warning: I wouldn't say the "Full" version is NSFW (there isn't any swearing, nudity, or anything like that), but I wouldn't watch it at work. Of course, personally I wouldn't watch any videos at work - I actually work when I'm at work. But in any case... don't watch the "Full" version at work. Serious.

Pumpkin Carving Contest (2010) Video Completed: November 2010 Size: 7,149 KB
Description: Although it does not contain any in-game footage like the other videos listed here, it does (vaguely) relate to EverQuest and it is a video. It was created as a gimick (submitting a video for a picture contest) to help win the 2010 Pumpkin Carving forum contest.

Due to unforunate RL circumstances (inlaws visiting for Halloween, being sent out of town for work the next day after they left, wife wanting no part in helping and later halting the filming completely when Morit tried... and failed... to spiderwalk up the stairs at 2am, wife throwing Mr. Smedley in the trash before he got back from the work trip), Morit didn't have much time to carve/film/edit, so the final video was a mere shell of what it was originally intended to be.

Dispite the video's shortcomings, the trick worked and allowed Morit to gain another victory over SOE - dispite openly mocking Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley.

To answer** a few popular questions: Yes - that is really Morit in the video. Nope (not mine!) - those aren't his RL kids. Yes - he did attend Stanford University. No - he's carrying a football, not just running into the couch.
  ** Disclaimer: Some answers may be false (Those are really his kids, and he did not attend Stanford)

"" Promo Video Completed: November 2009 Size: 7,149 KB
Description: Made to promote Morit's new website, dedicated to himself. When it was pointed out to him that he was becoming increasingly arrogant to the point of being just plain irritating, Morit took a step back and decided things were indeed getting out of control and quickly dumped the "NGP" sub-persona. The website remained unfinished for the better part of a year until he started making a new website (still dedicated to himself, but in a slightly less obnoxious way), which became the Morit-pedia.

Snakegod TV Completed: January 2008 Size: 29,088 KB

Description: Often cited as his "best" video. Originally meant as an EQ-themed ripoff of the "Phoenix Wrong" web videos, it unintentionally ended up being an EQ-themed ripoff of the "Robot Chicken" tv series. Consists of a series random audio clips or songs with modified EverQuest screenshots.

Snakegod Guild Completed: August 2007 Size: 32,611 KB
Description: Morit's second attempt at a retirement video is comprised of over 500 unmodified screenshots collected during his time in the guild, real-life pictures (yes, including that of rl Morit) of various guild members, and goofy pictures/modified screenshots that have graced the pages of the Snakegod message boards over the years. However, this time he un-retired before he even completed the video, and therefore had to change a portion of the second half to a slightly different theme. DISCLAIMER: Has been reported to cause seizures in a couple rare cases.

Contest Thing Completed: May 2007 Size: 11,463 KB
Description: Morit's not so great entry to for SOE's "The Fabled Adventurer" contest. He originally submitted his Impel video, but it was quickly disqualified. With the submission deadline quickly approaching, Morit threw together a quick mishmash video with the hopes that no one else had entered the contest and he might win by default. Unfortunately, the contest received over 20 other entries and Morit's wasn't even close to being one of the best. Still, apparently some people have stated that they enjoyed his video, so at least some small good came from it's creation.

Impel Completed: October 2006 Size: 10,736 KB
Description: Morit's signature video. Shows Morit jumping across the length of the guild hall and through that window/opening thing on the other side. Inspired by a couple posts on the graffe's message board regarding how useless our Impel spell was.

Snakegod Date Video Completed: July 2006 Size: 114,665 KB
Description: Morit's first attempt at a video using flash. He still didn't quite know what he was doing, and the extremely large file size is one of the unfortunate results of his inexperience. Uses actual quotes from the specific guild member in most cases.

Goodbye EQ Completed: March 2006 Size: 23,903 KB
Description: Morit's first retirement video. Starts off with a series of screenshots - first from his time before joining snakegod, then during his efforts to get his epic 1.0, then during his pick-up raid progression through the Planes of Power, then from the short guild merger with TFA, and finally screenshots with his Snakegod guildies, culminating with the guild's active roster at the time. Not a very good video, quality-wise, but sentimentally it is still one of Morit's favorites due to what it represents as far as the memories he's shared with his friends over the years

Snakegod Recruitment Video Completed: January 2006 Size: 29,088 KB
Description: Morit's first real EQ video. Cheesy yet fun.




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