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Morituus' Gallery - A Collection of Norrath's Finest Art

     Welcome to the Morituus Gallery! Here you will find some of the finest art that Norrath has to offer, all made exclusively by Norrath's finest artist - Morituus!

     Below are eleven of his finest contest entries, presented in chronological order for your convenience. Included in this fine collection are several prestigious contest winners, and one exclusive never before seen piece that was never finished and is only now available for public viewing for the first time ever.
     Also included in the Gallery is a limited edition series that was created specifically for his TUYCTHONTTMDNWYTK novel video. Morit ended up scrapping the video, and was left with a small collection of finished photoshopped masterpieces. Each of these depicts a visual representation of a specific scene in the novel, and Morit decided to use them in a series of sigs that promote the Moritpedia.



The Gallery

"I firmly believe that if you can't win based on merit, then your best bet is to use a gimick...
and submitting a video would give my entry 2 gimicks.
By my calculations, that should make me unbeatable."
- Morit (Pumpkin Carving 2010)

"The Morituus Girls"
Timeless Heroes Contest - April 2009
Screenshot of Morit with Mandi and Candi, showcasing his reputation as a legendary ladies man. The contest rules explicitly stated that PC/NPC names should be turned "OFF", but the screenshot had been taken many years prior. Although Morit could have airbrushed the names out using his improved photoshop skills, he instead chose to simply cover them up using a picture of Zatozia's fat head (2 times) and a shot of his crotch. Unfortunately, Zatozia didn't care for the modifications, and Morit's entry was not selected as one of the winners of the contest.

"Unfinished entry"
SOE Staycation Geeks of Summer Forum Challenge - August 2009
An special peek at a never-before-seen project, available exclusively here at The Gallery. The contest called for a screenshot or other artwork that showcased at least 3 items from a list of popular summer themes, tied together with an EQ theme. Morit decided to include all 30 items from the list into one picture, but quickly abandoned the project once he realized just how bad his drawings were turning out.

"Don't F--- with SOE"
Talk Like a Pirate Day 2009 - September 2009
In Morit's own words...

I call this one "Don't f--- with SOE"*

It is meant to represent the futile plight of those who are constantly persecuted by the tyrannical powers that be. It is never easy to resist conformity, and I feel my submission accurately portrays the desperate struggle and tragic fate that await those who try:

Morituus - Our fallen hero. Notice the sadness in his eyes. The pain, both physical (Zat's stick really hurts - not so much going in, but...) and psychological, is brutally apparent in his trembling lips. His arms, spread out with palms facing upwards, represent his martyrdom. And his nakedness represents his Gymnosophist lifestyle, for which he is being persecuted.

Zatozia - She gave herself the nickname "The Torturess" and rules over her domain (the SOE message boards) with an iron fist (and an "evil grin"). Proclamations like "I AM the Law!" are common-place, and silly antics from (totally) innocent wizards are not tolerated. In my piece, I included her actual weapon of choice - a big stick (with sharp thingies on the end of it that are a real pain in the... butt) - to represent her sadistic nature and penchant for torture.

Amnreys - As Zatozia's right-hand woman, when it comes to putting down player rebellions the dirty work always falls to Amnreys. It was Amnreys who edited my sig. It was Amnreys who blatantly censored my "Meet the Community" profile. And how the HELL do you pronounce her name? Eh-meh-nem-meh-er-ies? Ah-meh-neh-rai-see? Eh-meh-nem-ree (with a silent "s")? Who knows - I just call her Amy because I think that's what she meant to type when was creating her handle, but her fingers slipped and hit a bunch of extra keys.

Smedley** - I do not know what (if any) toon Mr. Smedley plays, but I chose to portray him as a Ogre to represent his role as head of a huge corporate juggernaut. Supremely confident and all-powerful, he looks down upon his insignificant victim one last time before giving the order to Zatozia to commence with the execution.

Prathun - I just threw him in there cause he keeps nerfing me.

* The "f---" stands for "fool". Please don't use this as an excuse to disqualify my entry, as it's obvious from the file name ("dont_fool_with_soe.jpg") that this does not violate any of the forum or contest rules.

** Mr. Smedley's name in the picture is a typo. On my keyboard, the "s" and "4" keys are right next to each other and I accidentally hit the wrong one (twice - once for the green, once for the black shadow) when typing his name. I would have fixed it, but I did not notice the typo until I had already flattened the image and converted it into a jpg. Due to the entry deadline being so close, I do not have the time to go back and fix it. Please do not use this as an excuse to disqualify my entry, as it was an honest mistake.

Naturally, it was NOT selected as one of the winners for the contest.

"Fight the Power!"
Pumpkin Carving 2009 - October 2009
In case you couldn't tell, it's Morit's crotch carved into the side of a pumpkin. It don't get any better than that. Unfortunately, this picture has the dubious honor of being THE ONLY pumpkin carving entry NOT to be declared a winner... ACROSS ALL SOE GAMES. Morit submitted a formal complaint over this point, but later dropped his plans for a lawsuit when one of his other entries for a different contest was selected as a winner.

"Pirate Morit (w/ Large Penis)"
Haunted Art - October 2009
AWARD WINNER! A drawing of Morit in a pirate hat (notice his epic). The word "penis" and arrow were added later to point out the large line extending down between the legs - apparently some members of the community had mistakenly assumed that it was just a coincidence. I assure you, it was not.

"The Torture Chamber" (alternative entry)
Haunted Art - October 2009
Morit's alternative entry for the Haunted Art contest. It turned out to be unnecessary, because the stick figure drawing he had submitted earlier not only qualified, but was selected as one of the contest's winners. The rabbit has a special significance as Zat's "killer bunny" - a recurring joke created by Tecdor on the old Just for Fun forum.

"I Hope I Give You the Runs"
The Turkey Shoot 2009 - November 2009
The instructions for this contest called for the use of a turkey in the picture. Morit tried to get clarification if the inclusion of $medley would be sufficient to satisfy the contest's requirements, but received no answer. He decided to play it safe and throw in a drawing of a turkey. Morit also took the time to remove all names from the picture to ensure it would not get disqualified. All this extra effort was for naught, as his picture was not selected as one of the contest's winners.

"In a Box"
Happy Holidays 2009 - December 2009
AWARD WINNER! Based on SNL's "D**k in a box" skit featuring Justin Timberlake. Of all the contest entries that he's ever submitted, this is THE ONE that Morit thought might actually get him banned from the forums. He figured if he was lucky they might consider just disqualifying his entry and not punishing him further. And yet... the damn thing won. That's right - they officially declared Morit's penis (which just happened to be in a box) the winner of one of their contests. God bless America.

Battles in the Underfoot - March 2010
AWARD WINNER! Morit's satirical take on the Underfoot expansion. For those unfamiliar with the term "oof" - it stands for 'Object Of Fail', and using it in a thread to put somebody down was all the rage in the Veteran's Lounge around the time of this contest.

"Friendship Knows No Server Boundaries"
(aka The Best Little Cathouse in Norrath)
? - March 2010
AWARD WINNER! The exact name of this contest has been lost forever due to the forum revamp, but it had something to do with the theme of "friendship". Morit had a feeling there was a good chance they might be able to win the contest with this gimmick, so he nerfed the title to 'suck up' to SOE a little and ensure that it didn't get disqualified. A big thanks goes out to all the Morituus Girls that participated, as well as Riker and Maisey. This also marked Morit's third consecutive winning contest entry. At this point, he was getting more AA's from the forum contests than he was playing the game.

"EQ Community Relations - Money Well Spent"
Mr. Norrath 2010 - March 2010
Morit thought the combination of the title and picture for his Mr. Norrath 2010 entry was hilarious (the two females in the picture are none other than SOE's CR managers Zatozia and Amnerys). Apparently the EQ Community Relations department didn't think so, and it wasn't selected as one of the finalists that would be put before the player community to vote on. As a consolation prize, Morit's entry was given the most "Like" votes on SOE's official facebook page after the results of the player voting was announced.

"I'm Soooo Gonna Win This Thing"
AWARD WINNER! The duration of this contest coincided with Morit's daughter coming home from the hospital, so he was unable to put forth any real effort to actually try to win. He quickly slapped together an entry using his unsubmitted entry from 2009's "Staycation" forum challenge and his award winning penis pirate, edited out the word "penis" and the arrow from the pirate, and called it a day. To his (and probably everyone else's) surprise, Morit's entry was chosen as a winner for the contest.
NOTE: Morit submitted this picture AFTER including the "unfinished entry" in this Gallery.

"Mr. Smedley"
AWARD WINNER! Morit's entry to one of SOE's last forum contests. While he was originally planning on doing another carving of his crotch, Morit soon changed his mind once he saw the quality of the other contest entries. By then his crotch had become rather old hat with the forum community, so in order to keep with his tradition of using gimicks to win he decided to change things up and based his carving on SOE president John Smedley's head. To increase his chance of winning, Morit also made a video chronicalling the process of creating his beloved "Mr. Smedley" (as well as footage of him running around with it on his head). Due to time constraints and having house guests staying over around the time of the contest, the latter footage of the video was filmed over the course of one night (early morning, actually) without the help of his family. Because of this, the quality of the video suffered greatly, but in the end it was still enough to allow his entry to be included in the list of winners.



Morit and Queen Amnerys
From Chapter 2 - Life in Felwithe: Part 2
While writing TUYCTHONTTMDNWYTK, Morit tried to adhere to established EQ lore as much as possible. He spent countless hours on research alone - the challenge was not only to write a novel that people could enjoy, but one that was (for the most part) historically accurate. One of the first questions was regarding King Tearis' wife. Morit received official word from a source within SOE who stated that Firiona Vie's mother was never officially given a name, and was only called "Queen" in previous in-game events (in which she appeared as a ghost, because she had died during childbirth). That meant she was fair game to make up whatever he wanted, as long as he allowed for her to go on and have an affair with Galeth and die while giving birth to Firiona Vie. Morit chose to name her Amnerys, after a particularly prudish member of SOE's Customer Relations team who takes particular pleasure in oppressing him. To get back at "Amy" (he calls her this because he can never figure out how to pronounce her name), Morit made "Queen Amy" extremely horny, as evident in the above pic. This particular shot occurs just prior to Amy revealing that she's pregnant with Morit's child.

Morit, Al'Kabor, Vorp, and Prathun
From Chapter 3 - Norrath's Greatest Wizard
A lot of people seemed to think that Morit named this chapter after himself, but it was actually meant to poke fun at good old Al - the self-proclaimed "Norrath's Greatest Wizard" who's spells are complete ass. This pic is Morit's personal favorite from the novel collection, and he chose to use it in the first Moritpedia promo sig. It is the best he could do to try and recreate the sight that Zatozia sees upon returning to her parent's basement - her four prisoners lined up, with one of them completely naked (except for the boots, apparently, because Morit forgot to photoshop them out).

Firiona Vie Statue
From Chapter 5 - Home: Part 1
The Morit/Amy extramarital affair is a major deviation from traditional EQ lore, and one of the results of this improvision is that there are far reaching consequences that are referrenced throughout the novel. During their trip to Kunark, Vind notices that the Firiona Vie statue bears a strong resemblance to Morit. This pic is a revisioning of the Firiona Vie statue as it would appear in the TUYCTHONTTMDNWYTK universe, due to Morit being her biological father. It's also an interresting take of what Morit would look like in a bikini.

Vorp and Vind
From Chapter 6 - Home: Part 2
This pic is from the scene in the FV bar where Morit meets Deadgirl for the first time. While Morit is off chasing skirts, Vorp and Vind are occupied with a large order of Kunark Fried Cockatrice (a nod to WTF Comics creator, Jeremy Waller). I would have used a pic of Straha's head on the KFC bucket, but did not want to disrespectfully infringe on his copyrighted artwork (I could care less about Geico). Besides, a lizard is a lizard, right?

Vorp in a Dead Fish
From Chapter 8 - Too Much of a Good Thing: Part 2
How far would you go to save your best friend? Vorp dons a dead fish, infiltrates an underwater stronghold infested with pregnant man-eating creatures, and single handedly carries his wounded friend (literally on his back) to safety. Now that is a BFF.

Morit vs. Seru
From Chapter 11 - Old Friends: Part 3
The scene in which Morit stands "defiantly erect" over Seru just prior to their epic Jankenpo duel is one of the most thrilling and dramatic moments in the novel. Unfortunately, Morit was unable to find any pictures that would properly represent the raw emotions that were necessary in order to do the shot any justice, so he was forced to do a hand drawing instead. It turned out quite well.

Morit and Riker
From Chapter 14 - Old Friends: Part 4
After his match against Seru, Morit whisks Riker away to Shar Vahl to celebrate his glorious victory. Meant to depict a romantic turning point within the novel, this shot originally came out rather plain and boring. In an attempt to spice things up a bit, Morit gave Riker a mullet to properly reflect her southern roots (Roll Tide!).

Honing In On Tirranun's Hole
From Chapter 15 - Now THAT'S a Dragon: Part 2
Stopping a rampaging dragon and rescuing a raid of noobs is no simple task, even for Snakegod's A-Team, and it once again falls upon Morit's broad and sexy shoulders to save the day. Achieving total victory requires him to maneuver his ice comet down a trench and skim the surface to hit a small thermal exhaust port on the backside of the dragon. The target area is only 2 meters wide, and only a presise hit will set off a chain reaction which should get the beast's attention. This would be a daunting task for even the greatest of wizards, and Morit only had one chance to get it right.

Morit vs. SKlug
From: N/A
Not actually part of the novel, this pic was created to clarify the difference between Morit's two stick figure drawings that he posted on the old Just For Fun forum, and he was planning on including it in the video just for the hell of it. His posting of the Sklug stickman created some confusion due to it's simularities to his previously posted Morit stickman. Although the two drawings do share some common traits, when compared side by side, the difference becomes quite obvious.

Mayong, Makinna, and Morit
From Chapter 21 - Unfinished Business
This pic was inspired by one of the movie posters for the Twilight series, and is not based off an actual scene from the novel. While the events in (the unwritten) chapter 21 do revolve around Mayong, Morit's favorite merc is not involved and there is no actual 'choice' for anyone to make - it's pretty clear that Morit is out to kick Mayong's ass.

The Sons of Ambien
From Chapter 25 - A Second Chance
The offspring of Morit's childhood friend (and the original source of his fear of children) grow up to become one of the most brutal and ruthless guilds in all of Norrath. Still bearing a strong grudge against the forces of Lanys T'Vyl for what happened to their father, the mere mention of their name strikes fear in the hearts of her men. The Sons of Ambien make a brief appearance during chapter 17 - Homecoming: Part 1 (one of the "Missing Chapters", that Morit went back and finished after the conclusion of the contest), but play a larger role later in the story during the events in The Void. The emblem above is from the TV show Sons of Anarchy, which follows the adventures of an outlaw motorcycle club.

From Chapter 25 - A Second Chance
Once a vibrant young wizard, MJ suffered the same fate as Ambien and Vind at the battle of Kithicor and spent the tail end of her existance as a walking monstrosity before being freed from her undead prison by Morit. The Kithicor subplot was originally meant to be included as a regular chapter (chronologically occuring very early on in the story), but was later changed to be only referenced in a flashback, with the actual details to be unfolded in the second half of the novel (along side the events that take place in The Void) to serve as the climax for the overall story arc.


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