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Frequently Asked Questions

     The following is a collection of actual questions that people have asked Morit. If you have any questions or concerns that are not listed here, feel free to email them to


     Q: Is your crotch really as great as you claim?
     A: Yes.

     Q: You claim to have caused Al'Kabor's disappearance in-game by killing him. But with the new House of Thule expansion, it has been revealed that Al is back.
     A: Assuming you mean my novel... I never claimed to have killed him - just that he was never seen again, which was true up until now. The timing of TUYCTHONTTMDNWYTK's initial release coincided with the development of that particular part of HoT's backstory. Seeing what I had done with their character, the folks over at SOE dedicated an entire theme of the new expansion to try and discredit me. Instead of being upset, I am actually quite flattered. So I guess you can say the joke's on them.

     Q: Are your constant reminders of how large Morit's penis is a result of you living vicariously through him because irl your penis is so small?
     A: No. And on a personal note - F*** YOU.

     Q: Why are there so many contradictions throughout the 'Morit-pedia'?
     A: It's very hard for me to keep my story straight, especially with the large amount of bs that is on here, because everything on the site was written at different points over the course of the last 6 months as my schedule allowed. If you would be so kind as to point out the discrepancies (so I can cover my tracks a little better) it'd be greatly appreciated.





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