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EverQuest Trivia Game Archives

For many years, the results of the EQ Trivia games were graciously hosted and maintained by Samanna over at the Shaman's Crucible. With that list no longer available, the Moritpedia will now host an updated list of all recorded EQ Trivia games played on the Everquest Forums.



History of EverQuest Trivia:

Starting in January of 2004, the original EQ Trivia games ran continuously for almost 10 years on the official SOE Message Boards before dying out in October of 2013.

To celebrate the 20th EverQuest expansion (Call of the Forsaken), SOE Community Manager Piestro hosted two special "CotF Edition" EQ Trivia games. In hindsight, this might have actually contributed to the end of the original run of EQ Trivia games, as game #552 ended one day after the special games started and was never started up again once Piestro's games concluded.

5 years later in the summer of 2018, Morit briefly returned to EQ to go through the Planes of Power expansion with his oldest son. Seeing that the EQ Trivia games had died out years earlier, he decided to start them up again. This second set of EQ Trivia games only lasted about 6 months before dying out again in early 2019 after 50-ish completed games.

About 9 months later on August 26, 2019, EverQuest forum user Verily Tjark started up a new string of EQ Trivia games that is still currently running on the Daybreak Newbie forums.


Original Game Rules:

The following is a collection of the ORIGINAL rules (modifications were made over the years) and answers from all the previous EQ Trivia games held on the Official Everquest Forums (Newbie Zone).

The ORIGINAL Rules from "Everquest Trivia Game #1" started on 1/9/2004 by forum poster Kandymann_CT:

- The Game master (the one who won the last game) selects a person (NPC), place, or thing in-game related.

- Players then ask yes or no questions, to try to uncover the secret person/place/thing; however Game masters do have the right to go beyond a simple yes or a no answer if necessary. (For example, "I'm not sure” or "Probably" or "Yes, but be careful because that's misleading.") Please ask only one question per post.

- A player may ask a new question as soon as his or her last question has been answered. Please ask only one question per post.

- The Game masters should post recaps of answers from time to time- once a page is a good idea.

- Once a person guesses the object, he or she gets to host the next game, or can designate someone else to host it. Make a separate thread, and we'll let this one die. That way we can better keep track of when one game begins and another ends. Keep numbering the games as we go along.

- If a player wins and does not start up another game within 24 hours of winning, the last person to guess before him or her gets to host the next game.

Let the questions begin

EverQuest Trivia Game Answers:

** Morit is currently revamping the format of the answer archive - this is a work in progress that is going to take a while to complete **

Games 1 - 100
Game Master
Special Notes
Kandymann_CT Maiden's Fancy in Neriak Location Brdaan_RZ First EverQuest Trivia Game
??? Brogg NPC ???
??? The raft in Halas Scenery ???
??? Misty Tekchita NPC ???
??? Praetorian Myral NPC ???
??? Wraith of Shissar NPC ???
??? The Vasty Deep in Erudin Location ???
??? The drinks menu on the wall behind the bar of Tassel's Tavern in North Freeport Scenery ???
??? a kobold brawler NPC ???
??? Nillipus NPC ???
??? The Kerra Isle terrible tiger pit of doom Location ???
??? Lysric Loresinger NPC ???
??? Thurgadin Hall of Statues Location ???
??? Gram Dunnar NPC ???
??? Heartwood Master NPC ???
??? The cave with the gnomish Spelunker in Unrest Location ???
??? a backpack Item ???
??? The Windmill in Lake of Ill Omen Scenery ???
??? Planar Traveler's manual Item ???
??? Iceclad Shrimp Item ???
??? Sirran the Lunatic ??? ???

22 Shattered emerald of corruption
23 Sargeant Slate
24 The Spell: Monster Summoning I
25 The Ship Oceancrasher.
26 Iceberg
27 Elevator in the Great Library
28 The Hidden GM-room located inside the sewer-pipe, at Plane of Disease zone
29 Zarchoomi
30 Grieg
31 Wurmslayer
32 Uliorn's Fishing Pole
33 Ghoulbane
34 Aviak Houses in South Karana
35 Loremaster Borannin
36 Tailfang
37 Taelosian Staff
38 Kizrak the Tyrant
39 Queen Dracnia
40 Ping Fuzzlecutter
41 The Regurgitonic
42 Morgalanth Tal`Raeloen
43 King Tranix
44 Fragment of Tektite
45 Manastone
46 Snowflake
47 Guard Nash
48 Odd Mole
49 Grimling Runner Pouch
50 Crab Trap
51 A Singed Scroll
52 Clay Golem Parts
53 Queen Nasheeji
54 The Spell: Circle of Natimbi
55 Arthikus
56 Belt of the Long Night
57 Wu's Quivering Staff
58 The Fabled Gigantic Zweihander
59 Dugroz
60 Stormrider Gauntlets
61 Guise of the Coercer
62 Mrylokar's Dagger of Vengeance
63 never completed
64 Hadden
65 Superb bear pelt
66 Truncheon of Doom
67 Electrum-Bladed Wakazishi
68 FirePot room in TD
69 Plane of Mischief
70 Cyndreela's Pet
71 Spell: Koadic's Endless Intellect
72 Charm of Solitude
73 Stormfeather
74 war master's recurve long bow
75 Hope Stone
76 Rinna Lightshadow
77 a rose of firona
78 Sir Gerwin's Head
79 Trita Coldheart (Quest NPC for Shawl #3)
80 Akhevan Shadow Shears
81 A Vile Sarnak Brew
82 Lithiniath
83 Equestrielle
84 Misty Acorn
85 Thunder Salmon Bones
86 City of Froststone (in Crystal Caverns)
87 a tempest toad
88 Allizewsaur
89 King Raja Kerrath
90 Valdanov Zevfeer
91 Splitpaw tooth necklace
92 Martar Icebear
93 A Tattered Note (from Nerissa Clothspinner)
94 Focus of Mithaniel
95 Eye of Petrifin
96 Chanting Stone Mask
97 Oculys Overfiend
98 The spiral staircase in the Gunthak lighthouse
99 Jumjum Spiced Beer
100 a Bent Playing Card

Games 101 - 200
101 Ebon Crystal
102 Sralm Norimar
103 Garanel Rucksif
104 the Hermits Hut
105 Brynju Thunderclap
106 Encrypted Note (from Clr Epic 1.5)
107 Valdoon's Bloodstone of Power
108 The remains of Tacvi.
109 King Tormax
110 A Pile of Froglok Remains
111 Archery Target in Surefall Glade
112 River Source in Warrens
113 Shovel of Ponz
114 Avisiris
115 Deoreo Bexuarrana
116 Iron Ration
117 A Copper Piece
118 Sharpened Mining Pick
119 Throne in guild Lobby
120 The Background Sounds of the "Drunken Pub Singers" at E Trader Building in PoK.
121 Clockwork Grease
122 Kiki Mischiefmaker
123 Grand Historian Thoridain
124 Blade Skin 7th Fold
125 Tarbul Earthstrider
126 Strange Green Metal
127 The Bloated Belly
128 Brownie parts
129 Ignot of the Ardent
130 Lawena
131 Kerafrym(The Sleeper)
132 Hebabbilys the Ragelord
133 the Piano found in Mistmoore
134 Driver Bryggin
135 a Corpse Caller
136 Kaladim Constitutional
137 the key to Charassis
138 Fish Statues in Western Wastes
139 Crazy Pete
140 Gnome Glow Rod
141 Robe of the Kedge
142 Brother Trintle
143 Cindl
144 Guard Freklin
145 A Bouncing Bunny
146 Equestrielle the Corrupted
147 Waterlogged Leather Tunic
148 McNeal Jocub
149 Giang Yin
150 Glyphed Covered Serpent
151 Senior Guard Jlorjallag
152 Cloak of Deepshadow
153 Absor
154 Belt of The Lost
155 Tolapumj's Pet
156 Music at Othmir Camp in CS
157 Lady Shae
158 Pouch Of Mistletoe Powder
159 Kilij Plans
160 Frothy Goblin Tonic
161 Ry'Gorr Battle Mail
162 Hilt of the Nobleman
163 Bilge Farfathom
164 Coldain town in CC
165 Gullerback
166 Fabled Screaming Mace
167 Iron Cudgel of the Petitioner
168 Expert's Book of High Elven Culture
169 Hour Glass in Plane of Fear
170 Succulent Turepta Meat
171 Stinking Pile of Refuse
172 Festive Doll
173 Bondl Felligan
174 Spinning Book on table in PoT library
175 Blade of Carnage
176 Batfang Headband
177 Rubicite Breastplate
178 Mighty Strike Discipline
179 Small Portal Fragments
180 Librarian Carsil
181 Hammer of Flatening
182 Never Completed
183 Drom's Champagne
184 Battlewizard Unak
185 Fool's Gold
186 Rastok
187 Khati Sha the Twisted
188 Shield of the Planar Assassin
189 Earring of Dragonkin
190 Champion of Korascian
191 An Angry Chef
192 Ancient Cragbeast Matriarch
193 Vvzh`dra the Exiled
194 An Arachnid Thorax
195 Wand of Imperceptibility
196 Elementalist Padan
197 Cartography Binder
198 Faydedar
199 Riftseeker Heart
200 Brodder's Revenge

Games 201 - 300
201 Jeren Manri
202 Mark of the Brood Warden
203 The Sporali Moldmaster
204 Tolan's Longsword of the Glade
205 Sir Lucan D`Lere
206 Breezeboots Frigid Gnasher
207 Nodnol Oow
208 Kizdean Gix
209 Electric Fence ZL in HoH (Alternate ZI to Temple of Marr)
210 Fiery Dagger of Foolish Desires
211 Deepwater Harpoon
212 Owlbear Feather Dart
213 Imbued Field Breastplate (E. Marr)
214 Proon
215 A Small Chunk of Velium
216 A Loda Kai Brigand
217 Marr's Blessing
218 Lost Rabbits Foot
219 Razor-Edged Shield of War
220 The Forgotten Halls
221 Radiant Crystals
222 The line on the compass that points you to an instance
223 Corudoth
224 Kelorek'dar
225 Voidblade
226 Pot
227 Tooth of the Cobalt Scar
228 Spoon from Cazel
229 Spiced Pumpkin Cider
230 Fippy Darkpaw
231 Solid Bone Mask of Horror
232 Clock in south qeynos
233 Aegis of Blackscales
234 Overlord Banord Paffa
235 Pack Leader Bloodear
236 Earring of the Brood
237 Sentinel Ring
238 Robe of the Spurned Initiate
239 Saltpeter
240 Test Server
241 Registrar Bindarah
242 Jade Reaver
243 A Lucid Shard (Lor)
244 Alluring horn
245 Braided Kirin Mane
246 Light Woodsmans Blade
247 The bridge from East Karana to North Karana
248 The Idol of Rallos Zek
249 Dogle Pitt
250 Rusty Short Sword
251 Belt of the Rainmakers
252 A Shamanistic Shenannigan Doll
253 Beginners Research Trophy
254 Ring of the Shissar
255 The Swarm Mother
256 Phase Spider Carapace
257 Ghoul Messenger
258 Doljonijiarnimorinar (Lord Bob's axe!)
259 Gandan Tailfist
260 Original EverQuest intoductory movie
261 Polished Granite Tomahawk
262 Werewolf
263 A Dampening Stone
264 Erudehide Tunic
265 Guise of seething satisfaction
266 Mind Melt
267 The Undead King - Butcherblock Chessboard
268 Best of the Best tournament
269 Samanna
270 Zone: The Bazaar
271 NPC: Vulak`Aerr
272 Faction: Veeshan
273 NPC: Abena Taifa
274 NPC: Tserrina and guests (ToFS wedding party)
275 Item: Rytan's sealed bag
276 Item: The Hole Key
277 Item: Chapter P
278 Drinal (Norrath's other moon)
279 Effect: Mata Muram's Gaze
280 Item: Gem-Inlaid Armbands of the Tribe
281 NPC: Brother Hidden Path
282 NPC: a row boat
283 Spell: Shrink
284 UI: Ranger Icon (Animated bow and arrow on inventory screen)
285 Lore: The Age of Turmoil
286 Art: The Ruins of Kunark
287 Event: Prince Thirneg's response if you say 'Phat Lewtz' to him.
288 Proc: Ikatiar's Revenge
289 Spell: Curse of the Simple Mind
290 Lore: Vesagran (Dragorn Diety)
291 Item: Orb of Mastery
292 Item: Monocle of Blood
293 Item: The Sweeper
294 Item: Cerulean Sleeves
295 Scenery: Statue of Solusek Ro (Suncrest Isle)
296 NPC: Temple Guardian
297 NPC: Lieutenant Dagarok
298 NPC: Sir Lucan
299 NPC: Guard Bonner
300 NPC: Lord SHin Ree

Games 301 - 400
301 (unfinished)
302 Pet: A Jester of Bristlebane
303 NPC: Tainted Hill Giant
304 Item: Fjorlask, War Maul of Shadows
305 Item: a Broken Bottle
306 NPC: Iico the Wanderer
307 Domdek Toothpick
308 NPC: Meldrath the Malignant
309 Item: The Firepot to open oneway door at Juggs in Sebilis
310 NPC: Dreamthief
311 Item: Baby Joseph Sayer
312 Item: Plague Rat Tail
313 Scenery: The Great Span (zone Iceclad Ocean > Eastern Wastes)
314 NPC: a skeletal monk
315 Item: Griffon Feathers
316 Item: Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl
317 Scenery: dragon skull over Lavastorm > Broodlands zonein.
318 Scenery: The Dinosaur Skeleton in the entrance wall to Blackburrow.
319 Item: Snake fang
320 Spell: Ancient Greater Concussion
321 Scenery: Series of 6 paintings in the main corridor of Veeshan's Peak
322 Object: Tree that teleports you to Ranger/Druid Area in Shadowhaven
323 Scenery: The floating ball of *green* water in which used to dwell the Avatar of Fear in the Lost Temple of Cazic Thule
324 Item: Robe of Invocation
325 Quest: Cure for Lempeck Hargrin
326 Item: The doodoo in West Freeport on the ground
327 Quest: The Talisman of Vah Kerrath Quest
328 Object: The dollhouse that led from NToV to the plane of mischief
329 Item: Gem Inlaid Gauntlets
330 Scenery: The lava pit in the zone of unrest
331 Scenery: The Broken Druid Ring in Greater Faydark
332 NPC: a snow bunny
333 Prathun
334 Fist of Steel (not completed)
335 Serra
336 Thong on female models
337 Ring of the Shissar
338 Shadowrest
339 Spirit of Wisdom
340 Delicate Kirin Hoof
341 In-game message board
342 Corrupt Qeynos Guards
343 Manaburn
344 an ancient cyclops
345 Pearl Kedge Totem
346 Scarecrow humping (...!)
347 West Karana fishing village
348 Rolling Pin - Baking Trophy
349 Executioner (npc)
350 gnoll hide lariat
351 Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk
352 Barrel Barge
353 Malachite
354 Bear hat
355 A Moldy Sausage
356 Poriss Splitrock
357 Coirnav
358 Lord Lyfyx of Burwood
359 An angry librarian
360 The Zoo in AkAnon
361 The Triumvirate of Water
362 Orc Lift in GFay
363 Phurzikon
364 Character has been saved message
365 iksar broodling
366 Acient Prismatic Warsword
367 Phara Dar
368 pained soul
369 Bat Wings Quest
370 Crushbone Throne Room
371 envenomed sleeves
372 Wand of Everlasting Water
373 Proon
374 Stained Parchment Bottom
375 The Altar in Grobb aka The Gromzok Stone?
376 Unsolved
377 Unsolved
378 Knights of Truth faction
379 Xanuusus
380 The Performer
381 Xegony's Boobies (happy, Morituus?) (Morit's Answer: yes)
382 Deep Crust Fire Geode
383 Malgrinnor Captain's Shortsword
384 Morituus's Crotch
385 Korucust
386 Unsolved
387 cultural forge in Oggok
388 Treasure Hunters Satchel
389 Tome of Order and Discord
390 Keeper of Souls
391 Timeshear
392 Gore Splattered Shoulders
393 Bandl McMarrin
394 Vander's Bane
395 Oxidilus the Junkcollector
396 A Planes Rift
397 Hedge Maze in PoN
398 stained glass window behind Ayonae Ro in Deathknell
399 Shiliskin Trickster Mask
400 Diseased Wing Fragments

Games 401 - 500
401 Worked Dragonhorn Boots
402 Corrupted wolly mammoth
403 Ringo
404 Elia the Pure
405 Dorn B`Dynn
406 Crystal Click sequence in Skylance
407 Shamanistic Shenannigan Doll
408 Breezeboot's Frigid Gnasher
409 Trooper Taer
410 Mana Crystals
411 Elemental Essence of Air
412 Meliorated Circumlocuting Mechanotablet
413 Woven Frost Giant Beard
414 The phrase "Shoulder my burden" in the Vishimtar raid.
415 Divine Hammer of Consternation
416 Doorman
417 DawnFire, Morning Star of Light
418 Silverwing
419 Cuburt
420 Bear Hide Cape
421 Deepwater Emblem
422 Prismatic Crystal Charm
423 Strength of Lava
424 Glowing Entropic Rune
425 Terrorantula
426 Sentry of Justice
427 Vallorian Discus Bones
428 Fabled Thundering Mace
429 Ghostriders Bridle
430 Warpiggs' Rotting Trousers
431 Iron Ration
432 *the wall in Misty Thicket
433 Aurura, the Heartwood Blade
434 Ilsuras' Dagger of Contempt
435 Ball of Golem Clay
436 Councilman Sislono Nislan
437 Lifeshriek
438 Reet Froglok Crown
439 Tubal Weaver
440 Visage of the Brute
441 Water Flask
442 Wedding Cake
443 The Crescent Coin
444 Bayle's Heraldic Crest (unfinished)
445 A spectre
446 The phrase "Aren't you a little short for a High Keep Guard?"
447 Herald of Druzzil Ro
448 Zatozia's Tortured Doll
449 Living Larder: The Lost Gnomes
450 Long Iron Rod
451 Book of Scale Quest / Tome of Age
452 Morituus' Crotch Dance (unfinished)
453 Heartwood Tavern in Kelethin
454 Chopped up dwarves
455 Al'Kabor
456 Leviathan aka Seamonster01
457 Bladed Thulian Claws
458 The Moon, Drinal
459 Crystals of the Firstborn
460 Raz the Rat Misk
461 Ember
462 Three toothed key
463 Bard (the class - they can sing, and they can dance and they can run really fast!)
464 $medley Bucks
465 Man-gi-na ("EQ chicks that are really dudes IRL")
466 "Aradune is Stinky" (the writing on the walls of Qeynos Catacombs)
467 "Humans suck" (written on another wall in Qeynos Catacombs)
468 The Muglwump
469 Carnage (Clicky on Skyiron Cudgel of Ancients for Shamans)
470 Dark Cloak of the Sky
471 Diamond Wedding Band
472 Greenmist
473 Gornit
474 *Shyleen (aka The dragon corpse in Blightfire Moors)
475 Solidified Shadow Spine Magical Taint
476 An injured rat
477 The Seaking (Boat from EFP to BBM)
478 Lord Darish
479 Coin Depicting Innoruuk
480 The mother of Firiona Vie
481 Happy Love Bracers
482 Aten Ha Ra's very fine buttocks
483 The Tower overlooking the Hole in Paineel
484 The guard tower in Qeynos hills
485 GMs. (The true oppressors of Norrath)
486 Ellard's Yellow Bouncy Ball
487 Zatozia
488 A Wormspore
489 Shainai's Tunic
490 Spell: Succor: Butcher
491 Arx Key
492 Shainai's Nightie ("You beat up a little girl for this")
493 Simple Socks
494 Mane Attraction
495 Circlet of Shadow (Pre-nerf)
496 Holly Windstalker
497 Windstriker
498 Brazen Brass Kilij
499 Sanfyrd Featherhead
500 Hanging-on-meathook dwarf torso

Games 501 - 552
501 Proof for Phara Dar (Quest)
502 Furball Miller
503 Marnek's Wand of the Burning Dead
504 Heart of the Innocent
505 Claws of Veeshan faction
506 Wenglawks Manly Purse
507 Spiderling Silk
508 Soulfire
509 Ball of Skin
510 Blackened Ally Basterd Sword (Edited to avoid halflings)
511 Saytr's Pan Flute
512 Plane of Knowledge Library Elevator
513 Vazaelle's Lost Marble
514 Ship's Log Page
515 Floating Skull Potion
516 Cartographer Slipgear
517 Mountain Pooka Meat
518 Sinkhole
519 Tremulous Key
520 Heart of the First War Axe
521 Smithy Rrarrgin
522 Rat Fur Cap
523 Pegasus Statuette
524 Purified Sunshard
525 Silver Dragon Tattoo
526 Tsetsian Blood
527 Sand
528 Abashi's Rod of Disempowerment
529 Lize's Crocheted Doily
530 Ancient Coldain Frosted Axe
531 Battleleader Ceremonial Cape
532 Second Chance Tribute
533 Nightshade, Blade of Entropy
534 General chat channel
535 Manacles attached to the walls in the Plane of Justice
536 Protectors of Pine faction
537 Intricate Wooden Figurine
538 Pearl Necklace
539 Yttric Ventus
540 (unfinished)
541 Pointy Wizard Hats
542 Heroic Charisma
543 Hyredel Swiftstride
544 Philter of the Bonefield
545 Gronk the Krystal King's room in Valley of King Xorbb
546 Ro's Breath
547 Desiccated Halfling Mask
548 Magical Lint
549 Legendary Berserker Bone [powerful bazu]
550 Gultrog "Mack Daddy" Undbrige
551 Shrubbery (a nice one, and not too expensive)
552 King Oberaxe (Last of the original EQ Trivia games - Completed October 9, 2013)

Special SOE Sponsored CotF Expansion Release Trivia Games
Games 553 - 554
553 (Piestro's CotF Edition #1) Mayong Mistmoore
554 (Piestro's CotF Edition #2) Boomba the Big

Rebooted Games - July 12, 2018 to January 1, 2019
Games 555 - 612
555 Quintessence of Elements (EQ Trivia game rebooted - July 12, 2018)
556 Mirrored Mask
557 Staff of the Wheel
558 Bertoxxulous and his nasty a** little loin cloth covering his fetid bits
559 Blackburrow train to zone
560 Beer Goggles
561 Skin of Milk
562 Revamped graphic for Leather chest armor
563 Ring of the Ancients (not completed)
564 Gnoll Slayer
565 Copper Node
566 Gnome Magicians
567 Guardian Jerkin
568 Trueshot Longbow
569 Spoolie Gee
570 The Maiden's Fancy in Neriak
571 Drinal (the moon - aka "Dryanal")
572 Lucky the Beggar
573 Quarm
574 Oakwynd
575 Terris Thule ("Out With the Old" monster mission version)
576 "You look like you ate a house of pancakes" (Lady Shae's IHOP easter egg dialogue in West Freeport)
577 (Extra Phallus Edition) Grey Bloom Farms - mushroom farm in North Kaladim
578 (aka #558 - because Dreadmore can't count correctly) The Mechamatic Guardian
579 Lustrous Russet Breastplate
580 Norrath's sun - "Sol"? "Solis"? Not sure... but definately NOT "Ro" (per Absor)
581 "Thiz Grobb" map - From the original Everquest game manual
582 Irak Altil
583 Absor
584 Summoned: Hand of Ixiblat
585 Lord Nagafen
586 The original Everquest intro video
587 Electrified phallus in Bastion of Thunder
588 Krenshin the Pit Fiend
589 Spell: Throw Pie
590 Grobb Oven Mittens
591 The original tradable Ghoulbane
592 Kar'Zok (race)
593 Sergeant Slate
594 Skinned Halfling Face Mask
595 Soandso (original EQ tutorial PC character)
596 Naked Siren merc
597 Nights of the Dead (annual Halloween events)
598 The Battle of Bloody Kithicor
599 Breezeboot's Frigid Gnasher
600 Fellowship Campfire

601 A Burrower Parasite
602 Langseax
603 Iksar Statues
604 Blind Fish Playing Poker paintings in Neriak's Blind Fish tavern
605 Wanted Poster in Lion's Mane Inn
606 /chantfontsize (in-game slash command) - Special Note: This game was won by Morit... NOT Dreadmore
607 Naked toons in Firiona Vie (bug)
608 Legends of Norrath Starter Set
609 Irresistible Lure
610 Tome of the Hero's Journey
611 Prophet's Gift of the Ruchu (Shaman 2.0 click effect)
612 NPC (Last of the rebooted games - Completed January 1, 2019)

Revived Games - August 26, 2019 to Present
Games 613 - 700
Game Master
Special Notes
Verily Tiark Velketor's Spell Book Item SunDrake EQ Trivia game revived by Verily Tjark - August 26, 2019
??? Skull of Jhen'Tra ??? ???
??? A hermit ??? ???
??? Rocketeer Boots ??? ???
??? Brown Gravy ??? ???
??? Jewel of Atiiki Zone ??? ???
??? The Bank in Runnyeye ??? ???
??? "Fool's Gold" sign ??? ???
??? Kunark Smoothie ??? ???
??? Maiden's Voyage ??? ???
??? Tiny Cloak of Darkest Night ??? ???
??? Bone Bladed Claymore ??? ???
??? Miragul ??? ???
??? Burning Rapier ??? ???
??? Derekor the Vindicator ??? ???
??? Bone Caster Fizzik ??? ???
??? Cowl of the Dreadlands Yeti ("Illusion: Absor" clickie) ??? ???
Verily Tjark Chomper NPC Grove
Grove Tattered Cloth Sandal Item SunDrake Fished, foraged, and quested
SunDrake Gloves of the Gatecaller Item Eggolas SunDrake's origin story
Eggolas The camp for Drelza Location Grove
Grove a willowisp NPC Verily Tjark
Verily Tjark Lord Vyemm NPC birdsong_pawn
birdsong_pawn Abandoned Orc shovel Item Verily Tjark
Verily Tjark Quest: Fungus Dung Pie Quest Finfan
Verily Tjark The Bone Rod Item SunDrake Seriously Verily... how could this not be dubbed a "Phallus Edition" game?
SunDrake Hammer of Holy Vengeance Item Kneeo
Kneeo Ambassador D'Vinn NPC Finfan
Finfan Spice NPC Eggolas Norrath's Sexiest Ogre
Grove Maria Whispersong NPC Verily Tjark "RL Stripper Name or EQ NPC" Edition
Verily Tjark Beef NPC Finfan Verily accidentily(?) identified the zone the NPC resided in as Highpass Keep instead of Highpass Hold
Finfan Faelin's Ring Item Morit Finfan revealed that he (or she?) is old and has grandchildren
Morit The Hole (aka The Ruins of Old Paineel) Zone Finfan The answer for this trivia game was incorrectly archived in subsequent games as "The Ruins of Old Paineel (aka The Hole)"
Finfan Queen Pelzia NPC Buri Finfan actually started this game before the previous one offically ended
Buri Noble Dojorn's Lamp Item Verily Tjark Phalli were banned from this game
Verily Tjark Hangnail NPC Finfan Verily: "technically the middle finger stands out like a phallus"
Finfan Shadow Metal Guardian NPC Buri Obscure NPC in a zone that nobody goes to anymore that isn't associated with the expansion that the NPC is from. Confused? Good! How Buri figured it out is anyone's guess.
Buri Black Fur Boots Item SunDrake Ferris Buri's Day Off
SunDrake Underfoot Mushroom Item Grove Extra Phallus Edition 1.2
Grove The Skeleton Tower in Butcherblock Scenery Finfan False advertising - not really a phallus
Finfan Xam NPC Eggolas Not sure if Finfan's "Zam" comment earlier in the game was actually a hint or not
Eggolas Dartboard by Darts O'Gavin in Doogle's Drinks, Thurgadin Scenery SunDrake Super Specific Edition
SunDrake Heart Shaped Box Item Verily Tjark Valentine's Day Edition
Verily Tjark Stolen Goods Quest Morit Verily chose this answer because he "stole" the previous game from Rangerette.
Morit Female Dwarf Beards Graphical Element Grove SunDrake revealed he has a beard fetish. And a dwarf fetish.
Grove The crossroads in Butcherblock Location Verily Tjark Bone Thugs-n-Harmony Edition
Verily Tjark a black mamba NPC Morit #RIP_Kobe
Morit Amorphous Cloud of Air Item Verily Tjark Focus of the game somehow shifted to Xegony's boobs
Verily Tjark Big Gnomes, Big Problems Quest Grove Gnomes are rodents
Grove Tsikut NPC Azael
Azael Ring of the Shissar Item Fredescu
Fredescu Fresh Meat Item Verily Tjark Verily wins too much
Verily Tjark Clockwork Gnome Shaft Item Fredescu Apparently, Verily's shaft is the size of a gnome's
Fredescu Iron Maiden Item Morit Excellent!
Morit Sunrise Hills Zone Fredescu
Fredescu Sorrowsong NPC Dagud Too much weird AF stuff happened in this game - not enough room to list here
Verily Tjark Math Wintersong NPC Grove Verily lied about the absence of gnolls.
Grove Lord Bergurgle NPC Verily Tjark
Verily Tjark Scroll: Night’s Endless Terror, Night’s Endless Terror Item Grove
Grove Gebsle Nogflop NPC Fredescu
Fredescu Screaming Severed Alaran Head Item Grove
Grove The island within the lagoon in Timorous Deep Location Fredescu
Fredescu The CPU NPC Verily Tjark
Verily Tjark Investigators Badge Item Fredescu Wtf - Verily's a cop? Also, this is the last game he won for a while...
Fredescu Mangler NPC Gdaymate Ahzitgahn
Gdaymate Ahzitgahn Time Phased Quintessence Item Soniella
Soniella Rapier of Somber Notes Item Fredescu
Fredescu Bloated Belly NPC Whoops
Whoops Underfoot Mushroom Item Fredescu
Fredescu Herry Patter NPC Whoops
Whoops a snow bunny NPC Palawin
Palawin Summoned: Ale Item Grove
Grove Aradune memorial Scenery Palawin
Palawin Spire Stone Item Whoops
Whoops Jonas Dagmire's Pisiform Item Fredescu
Fredescu a mistake NPC Whoops
Whoops The Void NPC Fredescu
Fredescu Crystal Glue Item Verily Tjark
Verily Tjark Slobbery Bone Item Morit Summer Phallus Edition
Morit Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring Item Verily Tjark
Verily Tjark a deathfist legionnaire NPC Grove Or an orc? WTF, Verily!
Grove Earring of Rallos Zek Item Windance
Windance Blued Two-Handed Hammer Item Morit
Morit a forsaken revenant (female) NPC Verily Tjark "Bottoms up"
Verily Tjark Intestine Necklace Item Grove
Grove The Broodlands zone-in in Lavastorm Location Verily Tjark a.k.a. "Mouth of the Dragon"
Verily Tjark Piece of Moaning Timber Item Morit Grover and Verily disclosed that sometimes they make up the answer halfway through the game
Morit Level 69 Level Whoops This game was dedicated to the greatest number in the English alphabet. Also, this was the game that made it an official rule for the Game Master to have to "like" every post.

Games 701 - Current
Game Master
Special Notes
Whoops New Sewing Needles Item Grove
Grove Personal Message seen in Inspect, aka character bio / inspect window UI Element Whoops Morit owns a time machine and used it to accurately predict the winner 6 days (and 9 pages) before the game was completed.
Whoops Charm of the Lone Crusader Item Verily Tjark Somehow this item was classified as a replacement for toilet paper according to the game master.
Verily Tjark Spell: Curse of the Simple Mind Spell Whoops Inspired by Duder.
Whoops The Poisoned Flounder Monster Mission / Zone Verily Tjark
Verily Tjark Oracle of K'Arnon NPC Grove I think Verily just mispelled "Ak'Anon"
Grove Coarse Salt Item Whoops
Whoops Ella Foodcrafter NPC Duder Grove has a halfling fetish.
Duder Maggot Item Grove Everquest Trivia Fact #2,512: Trolls purposefully grow maggots in the boils on their body for sustenance on long journeys inbetween swamps.
Grove Prime Hierophant Vek NPC Starbright
Starbright Fuzzlecutter Motivator 5000 Item Verily Tjark
Verily Tjark Vanilla Ice Cream Cake Item Arcturus Starbright
Arcturus Starbright Dogle Pitt NPC Harris
Harris Icepaw Bangle Item Verily Tjark
Verily Tjark Brell Serilis NPC Tojozomi
Tojozomi Heartwood Bow Item Grove
Grove Sambata Tribal Leader Garn NPC Tojozomi
Tojozomi Chrysoberyl Talisman Item Verily Tjark
Verily Tjark "newbie log" / "newbie stump" in Nektulos Forrest Location Grove
Grove the "newbie lift" in Kelethin Location Tojozomi
Tojozomi Ralthazor, Champion of Marr NPC Verily Tjark
Verily Tjark a pilgrim NPC Harris
Harris vengeful composer NPC Verily Tjark
Verily Tjark the Target Circle UI Element Tojozomi
Tojozomi Twisted Harmonic Chime Item Harris
Harris Dusty Soriz Workers Pouch Item Verily Tjark
Verily Tjark Firiona Vie NPC Grove
Grove When you are fighting a NPC and at a percent it turns into you as your doppelganger Game Mechanic Harris
Harris Singing Steel Helm Item Verily Tjark
Verily Tjark Mooto NPC Grove
Grove Santug Claugg NPC Harris
Harris an NPC Grove
Grove Wu's Fighting Gauntlets Item Harris
Harris Kavruul`s Mystic Pouch Item Morit
Morit Crate of Eviction Item Mims
Grove -- Current Game -- (unless Morit is slacking again) ??? Morit (probably)

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